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Friday, September 8th 2017

6:36 AM

The Baby Taker

She portrays the Lilith, in her darkness and endeavors. A feminine and shapeless black fog dissolves into a striking similarity of her countenance. Beauty and danger evolve into a sticky tar, which spreads into my dreams. I can't escape the grasp of a nightmare's Queen.

I am frozen in fear as this energy rips a newborn baby from my arms. The baby is crying, as it was just lying in bed sleeping beside me, when it occurred. It is covered in a pale pink felt like blanket. This is odd, considering I have no daughter. Yet, in the moment, it makes sense.

I take out my arms in a wide hold around the substance and two arms start to show. The blob shapes hands, which lay upon the infant as we fight for its well-being. A form of long wild hair begins to fall down as it becomes frenzied. I would not let go. 

It speaks in a coarse woman's voice, saying: "Try to scream, I bet that you can't." So, I do but, my voice is not working. My body is becoming paralyzed as well in horror. I try to fling myself towards the wall but, I am no longer functioning. Instead, I focus all my brainpower to release the endorphins I need to win and make one final swing towards it's essence. I am successful as I gain the target into my possession. 

As soon as I win in the match against this avenger, I notice that it speeds off quickly from where it came. It had to be only a few seconds, at an inhuman pace, that it was racing. I wonder where it was going and how it came to be but, I cannot know for certain. 

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