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Sunday, December 17th 2017

10:50 AM

Holy Water on the Piano

My sister Abigail and I are sitting in the church. The front row is empty. There are people all together standing in the middle rows. The chairs are plastic and white. They shine from the glare of the intense lighting in the room.

There's a band on stage playing music but, they look like robots, the way they are moving about, so emotionless. The notes are flat and terrible, which in turn causes the audience to be just as off-key. They look like they don't even want to be there.

I keep changing seats. Abby refuses to keep following me and she leaves the sanctuary to go with some woman she just met. Abby has long flowing black hair and the woman is plump with orange curly hair. They are both dressed in light colored sweaters.

I finally find an empty place over by the pastor. He is bald, except for some grey hair, shortly cut on the sides of his head. He has circular silver rimmed glasses. He looks a bit uncomfortable by me but, I start singing jingle bells and his tone starts to become better as it matches the sound of my voice. It begins to liven up the place.

I go to the back of the church and sit at a black electric piano, which has the cord to the power outlet clearly showing. It is sitting next to a table which has a clear crystal bowl of water on it, soaking up the rays of the sun, which are coming through the stained glass window gently.

I soak my hands in the water and then I touch the keys to the piano, without any concern whatsoever about the dangers of electric shock. I keep repeating this action over and over and the church people just continue on smiling and singing. The music is making me feel better.

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