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Tuesday, January 16th 2018

5:16 PM

Marble Room

Cleaning supplies in hand, I scrub the floors with a soapy sponge. They are spectacular and smooth. The color is a gorgeous creamy white that shimmers with flakes of black glitter, which are engrained into grey stripes in the marble. The stripes are painted large like imperfect and original shapes of a single line placed by a painter.

Even the walls are made with this material. It is in every single room of the place. There is long and tall arches covering all the doorways, with a wide mouth and no way to close it. Everything is impeccably clean. I see in the corner a statue of the same marble on a small table of the same exact stuff as well. It is of a naked male, muscular like of Greek antiquity.

Although I am the one washing the place, it seems like it's also my home. I invite guests over and they stare at everything as if it's a museum which they are seeing. The people are wearing black suits and white ties and undershirts. The ties are made of silk and other expensive materials! Some of them are also wearing many diamonds on their sleeves and watches. No females come in.

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