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Monday, January 22nd 2018

1:37 PM

Agate Castle

My feet hit the sidewalk, which is gray stone. It is an ancient, yet grand design. It swirls in circular patterns all over the ground. My shoes are black boots, with a silver heart shaped buckle by the ankle. It straps across the heel, which is flat and short with a good grip.

The sunshine is gently warming me on my skin. My shoulders are exposed, yet everything else is covered with a large and heavy type of cream colored trench coat. It has black straps tying in my waist. The straps are all wound around my body like a mummy would be made up with bandages. It is exceptionally designed with diamond jeweled buttons on the sleeves and back.

My beautiful black Pekingese Hannah is in my arms. She is all cuddled up to me and making contentment noises and snorting quietly. We go towards a wall, which is made of a swirly cobalt blue agate. There are holes carved out, like windows with crystals on them and silver candle trees inside each one. They are lit. The flame is golden. They span across every few feet.

As I am following this path, I am coming to realize that I am actually walking the perimeters of a small castle made of agate. The outside walls are tall, with square shapes, so I step back to understand the design further. As I do so, I realize that there is a goddess sitting on top of the place. She is very tall, probably like twenty feet high. She looks in her fifties yet, she has a presence that she is thousands of years old. She has brown eyes and hair, which cascade past the throne at which she is sitting. Her skin is porcelain. She wears a black silver metal gown, which does not shimmer in the lighting. Her shoulders have black spikes growing from the fabric.

I become afraid, so I hover back and start to brush my dog's hair to make sure we are both looking perfect. I gather the confidence I had originally and go backwards from the walls to look at her again. She is hovering in the sky in a silver throne. She has the sun right above her head. Her countenance is intimidating as it is no emotion that I have ever known, only one in which a goddess could realize.

She does not speak or make any human type of attempt towards communication. Yet I can feel the sunlight on me and my Pekingese filled with a spiritual blessing. I am filled with love and dedication. I rise up feeling inspired and renewed. I am grateful for the life I am given and continue on my journey.

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