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Saturday, April 21st 2018

10:16 PM

A Blue Rattlesnake

There is a creature in the center of nothing. It is a large cobalt blue rattlesnake. There are diamonds in hand painted motions and the lines are as thick as a small finger. The insides are hollowed out with stormy grey skies and white rain drops in balanced strokes. He slithers in an exotic motion.

At the end of his length is a crystal rattle, which is shaped and carved in a spiraling pyramid fashion. There are splatters of gold dripping down like drinks spilled from overfilled cups. They seem to be alive in time and sparkle from the light shining overhead.

Eyes pierce my soul so close I never saw what was coming. I am fearful that the snake will bite me and then I remember the times where it was younger and I had placed it into a glass aquarium, which soon became too small. I let it out in pity and then it grew so big until it had no home.

Well it proves to be an intelligent being, which never dishonors my spirit. He comes and goes from a lush landscape in different seasons to remind me of how quick and sharp the fangs of life and death are, so that I may admire something beautiful one last time before drifting into another galaxy for good.

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