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Saturday, May 19th 2018

7:31 AM

Christian World War

I look on, as a member of a large crowd, onto a royal wedding between a prince and his bride. It is alot of pomp and circumstance, which looks beautiful yet, the forces surrounding them are deeply intimidating. There are armed military people all around.

A plane flies down low from the sky. It has a large brown cross painted across the surface. It takes lead of many others coming behind in a loud roar. The planes dip low and start picking up some of the people, to take to America.

On the way, the soldiers in the plane start shouting over the intercom to all those who defy the words of Jesus, that they will be annihilated. Secret information has been spread against those who do not follow the order of the church to be killed, in order to expand the celestial kingdom to all people, who are considered also, as a spiritual land.

They reach America to back up the forces that are already installed in each church, in each corner of the cities and towns. Numbers of followers take to murdering anyone who does not support the church financially or spiritually. Blood spills everywhere, as even the military is funded by the riches of the religious people now...

All I can hear is gun fire. I see into the top leaders and they have younger people killed who ask to be open minded and realistic. Even their own family members are not safe. It is another World War starting...

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