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Friday, May 25th 2018

9:30 PM

Going Back Home

There is a city in the future. It has steam rising from towers of the sky. Clouds sink down like the dwellers who belong to the ground. The Earth is a shape and pattern, which winds into the sea...

I am reading this and many other thoughts from a piece of paper, which I hold inside of my black gloved hands. I am wearing a cream trench coat with a large silk black bow, tied into a double strapped felt like material. A hat sits upon the top of my head.

The scene is also of a fast paced environment. One which I am catching different shuttles, made of white plastic metal, which move like bullets from the sidewalks, indoor of a grand space station. I carry a black luggage purse beside me.

I decide halfway through that its time to return home, so I catch the one that returns back. So, therefore I never reach a destination and my mind never stops analyzing different situations and possibilities, like a thought I may have left my straightener, plugged into the wall at my home.

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