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Monday, May 28th 2018

7:37 PM

Life Size Dolls

The smell of dirt surrounds me and I can feel the Earth in the air. It is saturating my nose and mind and I fall into such a state that I fall into the soil, on my knees and begin to dig through it.

My hands come across a perfectly white fabric doll, which is full size and has brown hair in a ponytail around her face. She has sewn on eyes and mouth, much like a voodoo doll, with a purple blouse and jean shorts. She does not wear shoes.

I sit her upon a chair, sitting at a table, with another leaning across from us. She beckons me to sit down too. I do and she tells me telepathically that we can come together as the heads of the family and meet in the middle.

Behind her is her family, one man with brown hair and a small girl and boy, as well. They wear a lot of blue tones in their clothing. Their arms and waist stick above the surface, with the young girls feet with brown sandals high in the air.

To the right is a black piano, which is overflowing with the soil, coming out in layers with rocks, leaves and black crickets.It sits high atop a mound of grass, which is damp. I study the dolls face the most, figuring out what to do next...

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