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Wednesday, September 9th 2020

3:41 PM

Gigantic Amethyst

A place with rolling green hills spans across the daylight. I find myself sitting in the grass with a few other people, who I do not know in my waking life. I tell them that I can sense there is crystals buried there and begin to intuitively put my hand over the ground and easily grab them out.

The crystals are huge. Most of them are pointed like towers, but a few are small clusters. They are so big, some are too heavy to carry. The people nearby me are looking with amazement and what I am producing.

They go digging in the dirt, and they can't find anything. A few start watching me with astonishment as I continue to gracefully uncover more gigantic amethyst crystals underneath a porch by a house.

Soon, the sky darkens and we move to a river. The water rolls by softly and gently, making a beautiful serene sound. The moonlight shines on the water and all the amethyst as well.

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