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Monday, September 28th 2020

3:29 PM

Running On A Path

All around me are leaves falling on the ground in tones of red, yellow and green. They are shaped like oak and are rather large. Acorns fall onto the ground as well, making a popping noise as they dislodge from the wood that birthed them.

The path that I am running on is a grey highway. It winds and moves in very peculiar ways. There is no cars or vehicles driving. It seems to be a desolate road.

I am running at a steady pace and I feel as though I am right in the middle of a race. I can sense someone coming up from behind, maybe a half mile away- trying to pass me. I wonder if I should pick up my pace, but then I decide to remain unchanged, so I can finish the race.

I win first place by a long shot. There are not crowds around cheering, but it seems I am part of a running team, where we practice our strides and footwork. The overall sense is one of peace and happiness.

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